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Kampala University is a fountain of knowledge, which produces holistic and all round graduates who become vanguards of change in the community. This philosophy is founded on a society, which needs graduates who are competitive in the job market, academically, morally and socially. It is the Universitys belief, firm hope and desire that Uganda as a nation, the East and Central Africa Region, and indeed the whole world become transformed into a developed common society economically, culturally and academically which should act as a vehicle of development in all areas and at all levels.

Research and Publications

  1. The English Language Communicative Needs among International Students

Latest News

    1. The Pre-University Exams are starting on Monday 15th-19th May 2017.
    2. The Week program Exams are starting on 20th May -4th June 2017 at the City Campus.
    3. Regular program Exams are starting on 22nd May-2nd June 2017.
    4. Central Marking starts on 5th-16th June 2017.
    5. Registration for the August Intake 2017 is in Progress.
    6. Next Semester is starting on 7th August 2017 at all our 6 Campuses i.e Ggaba, Luweero,Masaka, Jinja, Mutundwe and City Campus at Old Kampala.
    7. The Uganda In-service programme started on 7th May 2017.
    8. Registration for the Higher Education Students' Loans is going on at all our Campuses.
    9. Kampala University is participating in the on-going University football League.