Kampala University is a fountain of knowledge, which produces holistic and all round graduates who become vanguards of change in the community. This philosophy is founded on a society, which needs graduates who are competitive in the job market, academically, morally and socially. It is the Universitys belief, firm hope and desire that Uganda as a nation, the East and Central Africa Region, and indeed the whole world become transformed into a developed common society economically, culturally and academically which should act as a vehicle of development in all areas and at all levels.

Research and Publications

  1. The English Language Communicative Needs among International Students

Latest News

    1. The Government officially delivered the Kampala University Charter to the Chancellor and Management of Kampala University as 3014 were graduating in style on the 14th Graduation Ceremony, Thursday 30th April 2017.
    2. Registration for the August Intake 2017 is in Progress.
    3. Next Semester is starting on 7th August 2017 at all our 6 Campuses i.e Ggaba, Luweero,Masaka, Jinja, Mutundwe and City Campus at Old Kampala.
    4. The Uganda In-service programme is starting on 7th May 2017.
    5. Registration for the Higher Education Students Loans is going on at all our Campuses.
    6. Kampala University is participating in the on-going University football League.