Recreation & Sports

There are number of recreation and sports activities at the University. The Department of Sports and Recreation offers welfare and sports skills services to the students through a comprehensive, dynamic and exciting Inter-Hall Sports Championships, and several other internally organized competitions. The games include:

  • Athletics (men and women)
  • Badminton (men and women)
  • Basketball (men and women)
  • Chess (men and women)
  • Darts (men and women)
  • Football (men and women)
  • Handball (men and women)
  • Karate (men and women)
  • Kick Boxing (men and women)
  • Netball (men and women)
  • Table Tennis (men and women)
  • Tae-Kwando (men and women)
  • Volleyball (men and women)
  • Wood ball (men and women

University Students actively take part in several other competitions off campus but on a national level which include among others:

  • University Football League
  • Floodlights Basketball League
  • Regional Football League
  • National Basketball League
  • National Badminton League
  • National Netball League
  • National Kickboxing League

The boundaries are not limited to within the country only as the students further take part in external competitions among which include:

  • East African University Games
  • East, Central and Southern Africa University Games
  • All Africa University Games
  • World University Games