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American Chemical Society

The American Chemical Society is the leading publisher of peer-reviewed research journals in the chemical and related sciences, serving scientific communities worldwide through an unparalleled commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation. Access is to over 35 high quality, high impact journals.
Acoustical Society of America

The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (JASA)

American Institute of Physics

AIP publishes 12 journals, 2 magazines, and a conference proceedings series. AIP's Scitation platform hosts over 2 million articles from more than 200 scholarly publications for 28 earned society publishers.
American Physical Society

Access to the Physical Review Online Archive (PROLA) and journals produced by the American Physical Society.

American Society of Civil Engineers

ASCE Journals Online provides unprecedented access to 33 Peer-reviewed journals with more than 60,000 full-text papers and a 31-Year archive from 1983 to the present.
Annual Reviews

Annual Reviews publications operates in prioritising and synthesising the primary research literature in disciplines for the Biomedical, Life, Physical and Social Sciences.

British Institute of Radiology

Access to British Journal of Radiology (BJR) and Dentomaxillofacial Radiology (DMFR)

Global Health is a bibliographical abstract and indexing database specialising in public health, human nutrition, parasitic, communicable and tropical diseases and medicinal plants. It provides access to abstracts of the world's research literature from 1973 to present with coverage of English and foreign language journals, books, research reports, patents and standards, dissertations, conference proceedings, annual reports, developing country information and other difficult to obtain literature.

Cambridge University Press

Full text of over 323 Cambridge University Press Online Journals.

Canadian Science Publishing (publisher of the NRC Research Press journals)

Full text of 17 online peer-reviewed journals in a broad range of scientific disciplines with back files dating back to 1996 in most cases.
Cochrane Library

The Cochrane Library is a collection of online searchable databases containing high-quality, independent evidence to inform healthcare decision-making. Cochrane Reviews represent the highest level of evidence on which to base clinical treatment decisions. In addition to Cochrane Reviews, The Cochrane Library provides other sources of reliable information, from other systematic reviews abstracts, technology assessments, economic evaluations and individual clinical trials all the current evidence in one single environment.

Access to 8 major databases: Academic Search Premier; Business Source Premier; ERIC; Masterfile Premier; Newspaper Source; Health Source : Nursing & Academic; Health Source : Consumer Edition; Medline.
Edinburgh University Press

Edinburgh University Press publishes over 35 journals across a range of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.

Emerald Publishing Group Limited

Emerald Management, features 120 Business and Management journals, all of which are peer-reviewed and fully searchable full text journals plus reviews from the world's top 300 management journals.

HST - Libraries in a Digital Age
Specially prepared, online, animated, audio-visual lectures by world leading authorities on library developments in a digital environment for researchers and university faculty members.
Henry Stewart Talks The Marketing & Management Collection (TMMC)

TMMC is specially prepared, online, animated, audio-visual lectures by world leading authorities on topics in marketing and management for researchers and university faculty members.

Subject strengths: Marketing and Management.
IET Digital Library

Over 20 Research journals and letters in electrical and electronic engineering.
International Monetary Fund (IMF)

The IMF is viewed as one of the world’s most authoritative sources for economic information, analysis and harmonized statistics. IMF eLibrary provides comprehensive data and original analysis, with coverage of almost every economy in the world and a special focus on developing and emerging economies.

IOP Publishing/b

IOP publishes over 60 of the world's most prestigious journals in physics and related sciences, all available online through IOP publishing.


JSTOR is a growing digital library of more than 2,000 academic journals, 20,000 books, and 2 million primary source objects.

JSTOR helps students, scholars, and other individuals discover, use, and build upon a wide range of content through a powerful research and teaching platform.
Mary Ann Liebert

Founded in 1980, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. is universally acknowledged for establishing authoritative peer-reviewed journals in the most promising areas of biotechnology, biomedical research/life sciences, clinical medicine and surgery, and law. Liebert Online delivers electronic access to peer-reviewed journals published by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.
Nature Publishing Group

Nature Publishing Group (NPG) is a publisher of high impact scientific and medical information in print and online. NPG publishes journals, online databases and services across the life, physical, chemical and applied sciences and clinical medicine.
Oxford University Press

Oxford Journals publishes journals from science, technical, professional, medical, humanities, arts and social science disciplines.

Organisations that qualify for the free Developing Countries Oxford Online Collection offer will obtain access to over 200 titles.
Palgrave Macmillan Journals

Palgrave Macmillan offer a combined portfolio of over 70 peer-reviewed e-journals.
Project MUSE

Project MUSE provides online access to 500 full-text journals from 200 non-profit publishers in the humanities and social sciences.
Royal College of Physicians

Clinical Medicine journal is read by leading physicians in hospitals across the world. It features articles covering original research, current issues, ethics, law, clinical governance and audit, and also reports on prestigious College lectures and conferences.
Royal Society

Ten leading international journals from the Royal Society, the UK's national academy of science. Titles cover the whole of the biological and physical sciences, and include Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, the world's first science journal.
Royal Society for Chemistry - RSC Journals Online

37 full text journals spanning all branches of chemistry, plus a range of key databases in analytical chemistry, catalysts and catalysed reactions, organic synthesis and natural products plus its online series of specialist periodical reports, and a range of key databases.
Sage Online Journals

Over 550 journals in the business, humanities, social sciences and science, techology and medicine (STM).

Springer eJournals

Springer is one of the leading international scientific publishing companies. Springer's eJournals cover a wide range of subjects including biomedicine and the life sciences, clinical medicine, physics, engineering, mathematics, computer sciences, human sciences, social sciences and economics.
Wiley Online Library
Wiley Online Library is a leading international resource for scholarly content providing access to millions of articles across a wide range of journals. This package provides access to over 500 journals in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

World Bank,,contentMDK:2006...

The World Bank e-Library is an electronic portal to the World Bank's full-text collection of books, reports/working papers, journals and other documents on social and economic development. It is the most comprehensive collections in the area and it brings together, in PDF format, a fully indexed and cross-searchable database of 6,000+ titles, as well as every new title as it becomes available in print. In addition, subscribers have access to information not available in print. eLibrary is fully searchable by subject, region, keyword, title, author, abstract, or year of publication.

Open Access Resources

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Highwire Press:

World Wide Science (Science gateway)

British Medical Journal (BMJ)

Biomed central

Free Medical Journals

Public Library of Science

Alberta Law Review

Amsterdam Law reform

Goettingen Journal of International Law

Journal of Law and Commerce

Journal of Algebra and its Applications- Requires registration

Annales Geophysicae

Earth Planets and Space

Current article of EPS are also available on Springer Open at:

Springer Open Journals


Makerere IR:

Virginia Tech Univ

British Theses and dissertations – Need to register

Mathematics and Physics Repository

IFLA Repository

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MIT Open Courseware

African Virtual University (AVU-OER)

Africa OER

Google Open Course ware

John Hopkins School of Public HealthOCW

Online Books
Library Rules and Regulations


The following categories of membership shall be available:


a) Students Membership

Current students of KU shall be entitled to student’s Membership; a library card will be issued which will be used all the time when one wants to use the library services. The card has to be renewed every year and one has to bring the old one with him/her for renewal. There will be a fine if one looses his or her card and it will also apply when one wants to clear with the Library at the end of the course i.e. 5,000/= to be paid in the bank through the accounts office.

b) Staff Membership

Current Staff at the University shall be entitled to Staff membership.

c) Reference membership

Other persons may be granted reference membership at the discretion of the Library committee or Librarian

This membership shall be limited to the consultation of materials within the Library.
d) Membership Maintenance

Abide by library rules and regulations

Renew membership periodically.


Who can Borrow?

Those eligible for students and staff membership are allowed to borrow.
General Conditions of Borrowing

a) No items shall be taken out of the library or borrowed without the approval of the Librarian.

b) Members shall borrow up to the limit of items allowed within their category of membership.

§ Members eligible for staff membership are allowed to borrow two items at a time

§ Members eligible for students’ membership are allowed to borrow one item at a time.

c) A book can be recalled urgently by library staff. In this event, the date stipulated on the recall notice becomes the date due.

d) All books shall be returned on the date due or earlier if the member is notified that an item is required. Books will be borrowed for a period of two days.

e) Every book borrowed from the library must be returned undamaged by date due Recorded.

f) Books must not be borrowed in anyone’s name but that of the borrower.

g) The borrower named on the borrower’s record is responsible for the return of the book by the date due.

h) CD ROMS are available for use only within the library i.e. they are reserved copies; therefore they are not for borrowing.

i) The librarian may exclude certain classes of books from being borrowed and these must not be taken out of the library. The following classes of books are specifically excluded from loan; Rare books, reference books, bibles, dictionaries etc. which are to be read with in the library.

j) The Librarian shall, at her discretion, impose special conditions governing the use or loan of any item.
Penalties for Transgression of General conditions of Borrowing

a) When a book has been overdue and overdue reminders sent to a borrower, including books not returned in accordance with a Recall Notice; the borrowing privileges of the borrower may be withdrawn until the book (s) is returned

b) Any overdue item not returned after the sending of a final overdue reminder shall be considered to have been lost. The librarian shall assess the cost of replacing the item and the member responsible shall be charged accordingly through the accounts office.

c) No further loans will be made to members having items overdue or fines outstanding.

d) Any damage to or loss of the library books or materials by the borrower, shall be charged at the current replacement values or repair cost. The decision whether to repair or replace the material with a new item will be decided by the librarian.

a) Books and other materials within the library may be loaned to sister branch libraries at the discretion of the Librarian.

b) Books and other materials may be borrowed from sister branch libraries for use by members of the other sister branch library.

a) All Library materials shall be issued before removal from the library.

b) All members shall allow library staff to examine any items which they are taking with them when leaving the Library.

a) Present your library card whenever you are to use the library.

b) Ask for help from the librarian before using a computer.

c) It is strongly urged that briefcases, bags jackets, big envelops e.t.c be left out of the library, Personal belongings may be subject to search on leaving the library.

d) Ask the librarian to help you locate the information you want.

e) Talk to the librarian if you want to photocopy any library material. However there are some materials that are not supposed to be photocopied e.g. Dissertations or research reports.

f) Handle library documents with care.

g) Do not reshelf books after use; leave them on the reading tables.

h) No user is allowed to reserve any working place in the library. If a place is vacated, it may be occupied by another user.

i) Users must not encumber seats, tables, shelves or other areas with personal property to the detriment of other users.

j) Unnecessary noise in the library is forbidden e.g. Conversation that disturbs other users (loud talking), banging of computer keyboards. E.t.c

k) Using audible devices without headphones or with headphones at a volume that disturbs others is forbidden.

l) Library users are not permitted to make calls or receive calls within the library, mobile phones and other communication gadgets shall be switched to silent mode at all times.

m) Users must not rearrange any furniture or move any without specific permission.

n) Unplugging of any computer cables whether for internet, keyboard or mouse and if found doing so, it will lead to the confiscation of one’s library card for two weeks and he/ she cannot access the library for that duration as a penalty.

o) Charge your phone at your own risk.

p) In case you enter with your Laptop, handle it with care. No one will be responsible for its loss.

In the event of an emergency requiring closure of the library e. g a staff meeting, loss of someone, sickness. etc, members may be asked to leave the library by the librarian.


Library users are not allowed in staff working areas unless otherwise authorized by the librarian.

NB. Library will always be closed on public holidays.

Your cooperation will be appreciated.

Thanks and Good Luck

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday: 09:00am-10:00pm
Weekend: 09:00am-4:00pm
Recess Term: 09:00am-5:00pm
Public Holidays: Closed

About the Library

At the ground floor of the university building is the main library comprising of one section, which is situated at Kampala University main Campus Ggaba.
It has a seating capacity of One hundred users, over 32,000 print volumes, over 500 journal titles, and over 900 dissertations. It has 20 computers all linked to the Internet. The Wireless Internet coverage is also available in the Library, enabling students and staff with wireless devices to access the internet while in the Library.

Kampala University has four other branches and they all have libraries. We have a branch at mutundwe nursing school,
Masaka branch, Jinja branch and Luweero branch. Kampala University is affiliated with The East African University, a Kenyan
Institution, whose Campus is located in Kitengela, Kajiado District, Rift Valley Province, approximately 40 kilometres (25 miles),
by road, southeast of Nairobi, the Capital of Kenya, and the largest City in that country. Professor Badru Kateregga, the Vice Chancellor of
Kampala University, also serves as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of TEAU. All campuses are connected to the centralised E-resources located at the main campus in relation to hardcopies.
To become the referral centre in the provision of Information and knowledge in the Region and the World.
To support the Educational objectives of the University through provision of resources both print and non print and disseminating them to academic staff, researchers, students body and the surrounding community.
The university library aims at achieving its mission of providing information resources in support of the teaching, research and community endeavors of the university by striving to achieve the following objectives.

  1. Selecting and acquiring up to date information resources in all formats that are relevant to the information needs of the university.
  2. Organizing the collection using internally acceptable standards to allow easy retrieval.
  3. Adopting information dissemination strategies-current awareness services and selective dissemination of information to ensure optimum exploitation of the resources of the library.
  4. Building the information literacy and skills of its users continuously by conducting proper user education and instruction through variety of methods in order to provide guidance to the library users.
  5. Recruiting, developing and retaining well qualified, experienced and dedicated professional library staff in the area of library and information sciences who will offer high quality services to the users of the library.
  6. Adopting technologies that will make information resources accessible to the university community in an efficient and effective manner.
  7. Formulating sound library policy that will act as a guide to achievements of the library’s mission/vision.