Kampala University Life

Take a tour around the major activities around the cmapuses of Kampala University, Contact details, University travel means and co-currilular activities

Contact Information

Academic Registrar - +256-701943635

Email - ar@ku.ac.ug

Dean Of Students - Mr.Mugalu Augustine

Tel - +256-704677633

VC - +256-772-450601

Email - ambprobdk@yahoo.com

Student Activities

Best Sports activities

  • University Football League
  • Floodlights Basketball League
  • Regional Football League
  • National Basketball League
  • National Badminton League
  • National Netball League
  • National Kickboxing League

Social Life

Life story


There are many options to travel in the campus.

With Kampala University Campuses all over the country and naighbouring countries, We prove convinient travel means for students and university activities, Nurses moving for their placements at Mutundwe, Cultural gala and sports activities within urban and upcountry areas. We are branded to tell our culture.


Kampala University has provided a parking lot for the staff members. The parking is available for the University working hours and security put in place to secure the parking Area