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Adjunct Professor

The founding Vice Chancellor of Kampala University "Original".



Amb. Al haji. Prof Emeritus Badru Dungu Kateregga is a man who wears many hats. Among them are the following : he is Owekitibwa (member of the great Lukiiko of Buganda Kingdom): a former Ambassador of Uganda of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Iraq and Palestine. He is one of a few Ugandans upon whom the tile of national Hero has been bestowed (the Nalubaale medal of Service in honour of his contribution to the liberation struggle in Uganda)

Early Life and Career

Prof Badru Kateregga was born on Saturday 4th December 1948 to the late Al-Haji Kateregga of the Emplogma (Lion) clan and Omulongo ( a twin) Hajat Nakato Aisha Namusoke of the Empeewo (antelope family) clan in Kabasanda village, in the former Butambala County ( now a district) in Buganda region of Uganda. He is the fourth born in a family of 27 children. From his late father’s genes, Kateregga apparently inherited a love for academia, hard work , emotional strength and commitment to worthy causes. From his mother he seems to have been bequeathed with generosity, openness with a high sense of humor. His father appreciated the value of education, so he struggled thick and thin to ensure that his son got quality education in the time when several parents never took education seriously.

Educational opportunities in Uganda during Badru Kateregga’s infancy were limited. Few parents could afford to take their children to school at the time because of relatively high tuition fees, coupled with long distances to and from schools. It is also a fact that many Muslim parents at the time never discerned the importance of secular education. They believed that their children would be converted from Islam to Christianity. Some of them also falsely believed education was a waste of time and scarce resources.


  • 1956-1961 : Kabasanda Primary School, obtained PLE certificate-Grade I
  • 1964-1967 : Kabasanda Junior Secondary School, obtained a Junior Leaving and Senior Entrance certificate-Grade I
  • 1970-1973 : Makerere University Kampala, obtained Bachelors of Arts
  • 1973-1975 : University of London at SOAS; Obtained MA (Middle Eastern Studies)
  • 2013 : PhD (HonorisCausa) Ed. The East African University (TEAU) Kitengela, Nairobi- Kenya


  • A Muslim and Christian Dialogue