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School of Natural Sciences and Agriculture

The school of Natural Sciences and Agriculture is comprised of two Major Departments, ie the Department of Environmental Science and Management and the Department of Agriculture and Community Services which offers a course in Agriculture and Community Development- an extension-based course aiming at training extension workers in Agriculture.

The Department of Agriculture, in addition to teaching also runs demonstration and production projects to equip students with practical skills in various disciplines. Currently, the department operates a layer poultry unit with over 700 birds, and a fish farm with five stocked ponds. The fish farm also has an advanced technology approach to solving water problems in the dry corridor of Uganda.

The crop section has an established banana plantation equivalent to an acre, pasture units the livestock section and student demonstration plots for students where vegetables are grown. Organic Farming principles are emphasized in the crop section.

The livestock section has expanded to include sheep and Rabbits while An Apiery will soon be completed.

Bonny Wanaku