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School of Business and Management Studies

I am honored and humbled to lead the school of business and management studies, Kampala University. This school has a rich culture of providing practical, and experiential based business education in the university. The school is composed of various department including Human Resource Management, Business Administration, Procurement and Logistics Management, Secretarial Studies, Business Economics, Islamic Banking, and Leisure, Tourism and Hotel Management. The school supports most of the university international, regional and national brightest students. It offers education at all levels right from certificate, Diploma, Bachelors, and Post graduate studies (Masters and PhDs). We still strive for excellence and believe that with the unwavering team of the school, we shall continue on the trajectory of our vision, “Stewards of Great Service and Humility” so that we can be role models of the servants needed in the 21st century seasoned with knowledge, skill, and self-knowledge and humanity in the world out there. Great thanks to the Almighty God, University Council, Senate, Students’ body and other stakeholders for the support that is rendered to the school. 'We Strive for Excellence' Viva Kampala University. Dr. ELIZABETH J. MUKISA NASAMO (PhD, Dean)

Elizabeth Mukisa