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There are number of recreation and sports activities at the University. The Department of Sports and Recreation offers welfare and sports skills services to the students through a comprehensive, dynamic and exciting Inter-Hall Sports Championships, and several other internally organized competitions. The games include:

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Kampala university volleyball club (KUVC) is an institutional volleyball club based at Kampala University Luwero Campus P.O.Box, 25454, Luwero. The club was formed in 2014 though at a smaller capacity with an emphasis of introducing the volleyball at Kampala university Luwero campus. No sooner had the administration realized that it would be a strategy in marking the university and popularizing the states, then it started putting much emphasis on volleyball just like other sports discipline like football, netball, kick boxing, their existed before. However, volleyball became much serious to the extent of being affiliated under the Uganda volleyball federation in 2016 with fore administrators being madam Kintu Suzan as the manager, Mr. Muhanuzi Goefrey as the assistant manager, Nwamanya Joram as the team coordinator, Mugoda Alex as coach, Omol Jacob as the captain and Talwana Benard as the assistant captain of the team.
Just immediately after registering in the federation cellular, the team had its first appearance in the national league under serie C in 9th position out of 12 clubs in 2016 and in 2017 the club came more prepared, signing more players, took themselves as under dogs, fought together and had one spirit for the club which worked to them and they had victory as champions in 2017 by winning the championship in serie C. evidenced by being awarded the national trophy and gold medals to the team and players. In the year 2018, it is when the team made it to Serie B as a result of their stubbornness from serie C.

Due to cooperation and team work in the team, the club performed well in the 1st league leading the table. Kampala university volleyball is currently ranked to be the best club with young players in Uganda volleyball federation However, there is no progress without challenges but it’s all about addressing and committing the challenges because no condition is permanent that’s why KUVC is strengthening each and every day. Finally, without administration of Kampala University, and the following personality, the team, would not be storming with all its fetes.

Ojok Simon Peter Assistant Coach

Famous University Activities

Student Games

  • Athletics (men and women)
  • Badminton (men and women)
  • Basketball (men and women)
  • Chess (men and women)
  • Darts (men and women)
  • Football (men and women)
  • Handball (men and women)
  • Karate (men and women)
  • Kick Boxing (men and women)
  • Netball (men and women)
  • Table Tennis (men and women)
  • Tae-Kwando (men and women)
  • Volleyball (men and women)
  • Wood ball (men and women

National Level

University Students actively take part in several other competitions off campus but on a national level which include among others:

  • University Football League
  • Floodlights Basketball League
  • Regional Football League
  • National Basketball League
  • National Badminton League
  • National Netball League
  • National Kickboxing League

External Competitions

The boundaries are not limited to within the country only as the students further take part in external competitions among which include:

  • East African University Games
  • East, Central and Southern Africa University Games
  • All Africa University Games
  • World University Games

Contact Mr. Vincent

Sport Department Head

Tumusiime Vincent

+256-775942056 704792130

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

Social Info

Coaching Profile

Hometown: LUBAGA Division


Coaching Education: CAF B License.

Coaching Experience: Kampala University 17 years; Selected University players football Team Asst Coach (University football Selected Team) 1 Year, Kampala University Women’s Head Coach (Kampala University) 17 years

Team Accomplishments: Helping teach kids soccer in this fantastic community for 17 years.

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